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LIG Nex1全兼容EMI接收机性能浅析
关键字: LIG Nex1  EMI接收机        2009-9-17 19:47:49
Full Compliance for EMI standards (CE, RE)
LIG Nex1’s EMI Receiver is a specialized equipment designed for EMI full compliance conforming to the international EMI standard, CISPR16-1-1. The standard pre-selector for full EMI compliance enhances the reliability of the test result by removing the interferences among the signals in the required bands, and precisely measuring the noise value of the EUT. Also, The standard tracking generator fulfills alignment of the pre-selector as well as scalar network analysis, and NSA.
Debugging for EMI R&D, Lab
During the EMI test , users can detect the exact weak points of the EUT under EMI environment specified on the EMI standards of each country, and find how to improve the design by testing its RF characteristics precisely in Spectrum Analyzer mode. LIG Nex1’s EMI receiver provides powerful spectrum analyzer performance and personalities such as Spurious Emission, Phase Noise, TOI, CCDF,and etc. basically so that users can analyze the exact weak points, and improve them
EMI Pre-Test for R&D, Manufacturing 
In the fields of R&D and manufacturing for RF equipment, module, parts, and etc., LIG Nex1’s EMI receiver enables users to save high costs of the EMI Test and debugging that is regularly fulfilled by the certified EMI lab or institution on the process of development & manufacturing, and reduce the trouble shooting time. Also, users can get the reliable EMI test results under the variously simulated test environments by changing the field correction factors using the convenient correction factor table.
NSA (Normalized Site Attenuation); Environment test in Chamber
Monitoring the test environment such as antenna, turn table, and etc. in the test house (Chamber) specified in CISPR 16-1-4 automatically in real time, and correct it according to the gathered VSWR data. Users can optimize EMI test environment in the test house before starting EMI Test.


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